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VettaFi Galaxy Indices


Created in partnership with VettaFi, the Alerian Galaxy Global Blockchain and Crypto Indices embrace crypto futures, trusts, ETPs, and/or companies, listed on globally recognized exchanges, that are materially engaged in the development of blockchain technology, crypto mining, crypto buying, or enabling technologies that facilitate the transfer, custody, and issuance of digital assets.



The Alerian Galaxy Global Blockchain and Crypto Indexes embrace public companies and select investment vehicles from around the world. As a result, the indexes offer full exposure to the rapidly growing global cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors.



The Alerian Galaxy Global Blockchain and Crypto Indexes depend on a clearly defined rules based methodology, which is overseen by an impartial Index Committee. No discretion is exercised in compiling the index and a pre-defined screening protocol assures a consistent, transparent and arms-length compilation process.

These Indices do not reflect management fees and transaction costs that are associated with an investment in a fund. Investors cannot invest directly in the Index. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. By clicking on each of the Indices above, you will be directed to VettaFi's website and leaving Galaxy’s website. The content of the web pages may change without notice and is the responsibility of VettaFi. We are not responsible for the content, views, or privacy policies of the VettaFi site.

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