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Galaxy Vision Hill

Venture Fund II

Venture-focused, multi-manager approach.



The Galaxy Venture Fund II (GVH Venture FOF II) is a diversified, multi-manager fund of funds investing in the leading global crypto and blockchain venture firms. Through a single investment position, investors can effectively build a diverse portfolio of crypto venture specialists across geographic, stage, and sector.

Our Edge



We identify new investment themes by leveraging sector specialists across various crypto verticals. We access deal flow unique to specific geographies and invest broadly across stages, from pre-seed through growth equity.


Due Diligence & Monitoring

The team implements qualitative and quantitative investment and operation due diligence processes. We also maintain an ongoing review and monitoring of the portfolio.


Diversification & Risk Mitigation

In an early-stage asset class, the winners have yet to be definitively determined. Comprehensive portfolio construction and diversification helps minimize idiosyncratic risks of any one manager, sector, or strategy.



Emerging managers are often difficult to source, and premier managers are highly sought-after and often oversubscribed. The team has a history of sourcing and providing access to unique opportunities.

Why Invest?


Rigorous, dynamic, and data-driven approach to manager selection, allocation, and risk management through our proprietary VisionTrack tool.


Own the emerging winners in the next iteration of the internet across web3, DeFi, and digital ownership.


Fund Information

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