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October 02, 2023

The Impact and Opportunity of Bitcoin in a Portfolio

Born in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, bitcoin leverages innovative blockchain technology to function as a transparent and decentralized digital asset. Evolving from a concept of peer-to-peer electronic cash to a resilient store of value upheld by open-source code and mathematical principles, it ensures highly secure, trust-minimized transactions without a centralized intermediary. Bitcoin is the first natively digital asset and its advent heralds the beginning of digital finance, a technological revolution that will change the world forever.

The Bitcoin blockchain is a distributed ledger that guarantees a transparent, predictable, and immutable monetary policy, which has led many to refer to it as “digital gold.” Bitcoin shares gold's traditional attributes of being a non-sovereign store of value with a scarce supply, but it also surpasses gold in many ways. While Bitcoin’s gold-like properties have spurred its use as a hedge against central bank monetary policy or inflation, Bitcoin is also significantly more portable, verifiable, transferrable, and divisible than gold.

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