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Galaxy Vision Hill

Multi-Strategy Fund

Institutional-grade exposure to emerging digital asset strategies.



The Galaxy Multi-Strategy Fund (GVH Multi-Strategy FOF) is one of the first and longest running dedicated multi-strategy fund of funds in the digital asset market with a successful 3-year track record of investing in high-quality digital asset manager strategies.

Our Edge



Long only • Long/short • Multi-strat

Deep value research + tactical, catalyst, and event driven positioning. High conviction asset selection.


Market Neutral

Arbitrage • Credit / yield • Options

Credit and yield driven strategies with digital asset collateral. Options, derivatives, and volatility strategies.


Quant Systematic

Directional • Multi-strat

“Risk-on” / “risk-off” models.
Algorithmic momentum, trend following, mean-reversion, arbitrage & HFT systematic trading.


Tactical Beta

Diversified index • Single-asset vehicles

Passive strategies offer predictable and dedicated exposure to certain cryptoassets. Single asset (e.g. BTC or ETH) or diversified index exposure depending upon the product.


Rigorous, dynamic, and data-driven approach to manager selection, allocation, and risk management through our proprietary VisionTrack tool.

Diverse Exposure

Institutional-quality, diversified, multi-strategy offerings across four pillars: (1) Fundamental, (2) Quant Directional, (3) Market Neutral, and (4) Tactical Beta.


Fund Information

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