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The Galaxy Liquid Crypto Fund (the “Fund”) is designed to provide access to the core and next generation of essential digital assets. As blockchain based developments become irreplaceable for societies, the Fund maintains a long-bias to benefit from the expansion of use cases and adoption of crypto globally.

Through active management, the Fund seeks to provide capital appreciation with significant alpha enhancing opportunities.

Our Edge


Risk Framework

Investment and operational risk management are core tenants of the Fund.



Supported by a dedicated team of digital asset experts.


Operational Excellence

Access to the full force of Galaxy, top-tier operations, and support infrastructure.


Active Approach

Ability to capture the upside potential of core and developing digital assets through deep analysis and understanding.

Why Invest?

Risk Management

Ability to tactically adjust exposure to perform in any market environment.


Own the growth potential of digital assets across the expanding crypto universe.

Liquid Crypto

Fund Information

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