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Galaxy Crypto Index Fund

Diversified, dynamic, institutionally-wrapped exposure to digital assets.



The Galaxy Crypto Index Fund (the “Fund”) offers access to the overall market cap growth of the asset class, capturing digital stores of value, Web3, decentralized finance and payments use cases.

The Fund is designed to track the performance of the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (the “Index”), which includes the largest and most liquid digital assets. The constituents represented in the Index are selected based on institutional trading and custody readiness in the US, as well as quality of pricing.

Our Edge



Provides a proxy portfolio for the broader crypto market as it changes in nature over time and without completely reshaping the character of the data set.


Rebalancing and Reconstruction

Fund weights and constituents are rebalanced, added or removed on a monthly basis in accordance with the Crypto Index methodology.



The constituents of the Fund are market cap weighted. No protocol can exceed 35% or be less than 1% of portfolio capitalization.


Pricing Transparency

The Index is maintained by Bloomberg and leverages their strength in data, pricing, analytics, distribution, and research. Pricing source selected for liquidity and reliability.

Why Invest?


Diverse exposure across the digital asset class.


Own the market cap growth of digital assets.

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