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Crypto-cademy: Week 4

Decentralized Finance: Changing the future of finance


Welcome to Week 4 of Crypto-cademy. This week will be focused on decentralized finance. As always, we’ve segmented your learning into digestible content for each day, but feel free to explore at your own pace.

Day 1: What is DeFi?

  • An Introduction to DeFi

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    Join Peter Mastropietro as he walks through the world of decentralized finance, highlighting key protocols and use cases to watch as this industry is disrupted.

  • Crypto 101: What is Decentralized Finance?

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    The emerging area of decentralized finance has the potential to upend the entire financial ecosystem.

  • What is an NFT?

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    NFTs create an entirely new genre of assets living on the Ethereum blockchain, pushing the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution forward.

  • Gemini Cryptopedia: DeFi Content

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    Read more here about exciting new developments in automation-driven, blockchain-based financial products and services in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Day 2: Why Invest in DeFi?

  • DeFi: Redefining the future of finance

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    It is difficult to imagine the future of finance without the traditional financial intermediaries we rely upon today. But the emerging area of decentralized finance (DeFi) has the potential to upend the entire financial ecosystem as we know it.

  • DeFi's Role in the Modern Portfolio

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    The news around decentralized finance (DeFi) is impossible to ignore. The magnitude of potential presented by this blockchainpowered global movement is revolutionary and may
    disintermediate the current financial industry.

  • The Defiant Youtube Channel

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    In this DeFi 101 channel, the videos cover the DeFi basics, written by DefiDad. Everything you need to know to get started in the occasionally baffling DeFi crypto space.

Day 3: Breaking Down Acronyms in the Space

  • Clarifying Crypto: Breaking Down Acronyms in the Space

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    Join Steve Kurz, Alex Thorn and Will Nuelle as they break down the acronyms in the space to bring clarity to some of the more complex topics across crypto.

  • Crypto 101: NFTs and the Art Market - A Revolution

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    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are revolutionizing the art world.

  • Crypto 101: What are DAOs?

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    DAOs present individuals with unprecedented opportunities to connect to like-minded communities across the globe.

Day 4: What's Next for DeFi?

  • Diving into DeFi

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    Join Steve Kurz, Jon Kol and Michael Jordan as they discuss the decentralized finance ecosystem.

  • Bankless Podcast: How to go Bankless

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    Where the rubber meets the road… this episode is all about both the mental mindset and the actual tools needed to go Bankless.

  • Crypto 101: What is the Metaverse?

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    Users interacting within the metaverse experience an enhanced virtual presence while participating in the evolution of human interaction and digital communication.


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