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Crypto-cademy: Week 2

Bitcoin: The Investment Thesis for Digital Gold


Welcome to Week 2 of Crypto-cademy. This week will be focused on explaining bitcoin. As always, we’ve segmented your learning into digestible day formats, but feel free to explore at your own pace.

Day 1: What is Bitcoin?

  • An Introduction to Bitcoin

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    Hear from Peter Mastropietro on the history of bitcoin and the investment thesis for digital gold.

  • Crypto 101: What is Bitcoin?

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    Bitcoin, the first digital asset, was invented in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

  • Why Bitcoin Now?

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    Bitcoin has transformed from a relatively obscure digital currency into a globally recognized institutional asset. Today bitcoin stands as a legitimate macro asset.

Day 2: Why Invest in Bitcoin?

  • From Asset to Asset Class: The Rise of Digital Assets

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    Listen as Steve Kurz moderates a discussion between Jeffrey Rohde, James Grigor and Scott Army, focusing on the institutionalization of the digital asset class.

  • 3 Reasons I'm Investing in Bitcoin - Lyn Alden (2020)

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    Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade. While the asset class has grown considerably, it remains relatively small and highly volatile, so deciding whether to invest can be a controversial and confusing decision. Learn how Lyn Alden approaches this decision here.

Day 3: How to Invest in Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin's Role in the Modern Portfolio

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    Bitcoin has become a force of innovation since its invention in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. The utility of its underlying blockchain technology has driven the value of the native digital asset that rides on top of it to be the world’s best performing investment of the last decade.

  • Institutional Adoption of Digital Assets

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    We see institutional investors gaining exposure to cryptocurrency at a rapid pace of adoption that is likely to increase in the coming years. Institutional investment is impacting the crypto ecosystem by spurring improved infrastructure, increased focus on regulation, and other industry enhancements.

Day 4: What's Next for Bitcoin?

  • What is Bitcoin and Why Is It Important?

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    Listen as Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano walks through an overview of bitcoin, its history and its importance to our future economy.

  • Diversifying Portfolios with Digital Asset Investments

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    For those interested in capitalizing on the momentum in digital assets, invest in the digital asset class and gain diversified exposure to the major categories of blockchain technology. As crypto markets mature, sub-sectors and tangible use-cases have emerged, making diversification even more important.

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