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Crypto-cademy: Week 1

Intro to Digital Assets


Welcome to Week 1 of Crypto-cademy. This week will be focused on digital assets. As always, we’ve segmented your learning into digestible content for each day, but feel free to explore at your own pace.

Day 1: What Are Digital Assets?

  • Intro to Digital Assets

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    Hear from Peter Mastropietro as he introduces Crypto-cademy and the digital asset ecosystem.

  • Crypto 101: What is Blockchain?

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    A blockchain is a database that stores data in groups known as blocks connected in chronological order.

  • Crypto 101: What Types of Digital Assets Exist?

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    Blockchain technology is rapidly digitizing the global economy.

Day 2: Why Invest in Digital Assets?

  • Clarifying Crypto, A Macro Perspective

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    Hear from Steve Kurz and Mike Novogratz as they cover the macro landscape in crypto.

  • CAIS CXO Podcast Featuring Steve Kurz

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    Hear Steve’s views on bitcoin, blockchain, and breaking the mold in an ever-evolving industry.

  • Digital Investing: How Digital Assets Work and Ways Investors Can Gain Exposure to Them

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    Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009 in the wake of the global financial crisis, investors, companies, and governments have grappled with what this new asset class means for investment portfolios, society, and the global economy.

Day 3: How to Invest in Digital Assets

  • Why Digital Assets Now?

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    The digital asset class is evolving quickly with new investors arriving daily. Capabilities afforded by blockchain technology are becoming widely recognized and macro and technological convergence is well underway.

  • Digital Assets Diversified

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    The world is rapidly digitizing, and blockchain will play a critical role in this global transformation.

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